Carnegie Mellon University

Logos, colors and type

The Carnegie Mellon University visual identity creates a widely recognized image of the university brand.

It is critical that the university adopts a consistent use of Carnegie Mellon’s official wordmark, colors and typography to enhance global visibility and reputation. 

Marketing & Communications is responsible for the creation and stewardship of our visual brand. For any suggestions or comments, please contact us at 412-268-6963, or email us.


Our wordmark is the official university logo. Any public, official materials associated with the university — whether in print, online or on campus — must include the university wordmark.

Download the wordmark


Carnegie Mellon University logo - horizontal


Carnegie Mellon University logo - stacked

Safe Zone

CMU Logo - Live Area

Leave at least 1 x-height buffer around the wordmark.

Minimum Size (Horizontal)

smallest print size for horizontal logo

Never print the horizontal wordmark less than 2.125 inches wide

Minimum Size (Stacked)

smallest print size for stacked logo

Never print the stacked wordmark less than 1.125 inches wide


Carnegie Mellon University logo - correct usage

Always include “University” in the wordmark. This clearly distinguishes Carnegie Mellon University from other institutions who use “Carnegie” or “Mellon” in their names.

Do Not

Do not use Carnegie Mellon. Do not use CMU.

Never remove “University” from the wordmark or modify to “CMU”.

(Some merchandise exceptions apply. See the Merchandise Guidelines for further information.)

Acceptable Wordmark Colors

Red logo regular and reversedWordmark grey regular and reversedWordmark black regular and reversed

The wordmark cannot be created or reversed out of any color except red (PMS 187), black or gray (35% black or 70% black).


The university unitmark shows the relationships among all the entities that make up the university and ensures that all units work together to enhance the Carnegie Mellon brand. 

  • The unitmarks are only to be modified or created by Marketing & Communications. For an official unitmark, please contact Web & Creative.
  • Carnegie Mellon University should only appear in the primary color palette red, black or white and your unit should appear in black or white.
  • A custom logo for your group or entity distracts from the equity of the overall university brand – negatively affecting everyone. Official university unitmarks should be used rather than custom logos.

Identity Hierarchy

Campuses & Locations

CMU Silicon Valley unitmark

Schools & Colleges

CMU College of Fine Arts unitmark

Centers, Institutes, Departments & Administrative Units

CMU Simon Initiative unitmark

Official University Seal

The official seal of Carnegie Mellon University can be used for formal occasions and formal products, including items for commencement, specific gift items in brass, silver or pewter, appropriate clothing (sports coats), stationery and other items. Do not use the official seal in combination with the wordmark.

If use of the University Seal is in question, please contact Marketing & Communications. Contact Web & Creative to obtain the official seal graphic.

Seal in full color

4-color version

This is the official seal in full color. Do not alter colors in any way.

Red seal larger than two inches

1-color version, greater than 2 inches

If the one color seal is used two inches or greater in diameter, Carnegie Mellon University appears in a bolder weight.

One-color version can be printed in black, PMS 187-red, Metallic PMS 877-silver and 873-gold. 

Seal reversed color


When reversing the seal out of a background, do not use the 1-color (black) version; always use the reversed (white) version. The seal should only be reversed out in white on red (PMS 187), black or gray.


1-color version less than two inches

1-color version, less than 2 inches

If the one color seal (shown here in PMS 187) is used at a diameter less than two inches, Carnegie Mellon University appears in a lighter weight.

One-color version can be printed in black, PMS 187-red, Metallic PMS 877-silver and 873-gold.

Ideal for embossing and foil stamping.

Print Colors



PMS 187
C=0, M=100, Y=79, K=20




Gray Light

35% Black
C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=35

Gray Dark

70% Black
C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=70



PMS 348
C=92, M=2, Y=100, K=12


PMS 130
C=0, M=32, Y=100, K=0


PMS 288
C=100, M=80, Y=6, K=32

Web & RGB colors

Plaid to the Bone

Tartan plaid swatch

Tartan informs CMU's color palette.

Download the digital tartan graphic


Open Sans

Open Sans is the preferred typeface of Carnegie Mellon University. Optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces with excellent legibility characteristics, Open Sans is free for all mediums and performs well on both Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems. 

Suggested Stylings

Open Sans Style Recommendations

Download Open Sans

Open Sans Font Weights


Scotty LogoPlease see the Carnegie Mellon Mascot website for the official mascot graphics.