Carnegie Mellon University

The Sustainable Development Goals in Practices

As a university, we’re elevating and strengthening our contributions to the Global Goals. 

We’re continually setting a new standard for sustainability efforts, further expanding on our activities that are making a difference. Every activity is contributing to our collective efforts and, through university-led policies, CMU community-led activities and student organizations, we’re deepening our commitment toward a more sustainable future.


Pictured: poWer, an all-woman euphonium quartet providing quality entertainment for everyone, while also promoting representation for marginalized groups in music. poWer's efforts are critical to achieving Global Goals on gender equality, reduced inequalities and sustainable communities.

University Operations

This Tableau includes university operations. Each activity was manually tagged by the Sustainability Initiative team with up to three SDGs and linked to the source website so that anyone interested in how CMU is addressing an SDG can easily access the relevant information. Please note that some links may only be accessible to CMU students, faculty, or staff. Is there an activity missing? Do you think a practice or operation is related to different SDGs? Is a link missing or broken? Let us know by contacting

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