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The Sustainable Development Goals in Education

Education is at the core of CMU’s mission—and our ability to deliver on the Global Goals. 

The Sustainability Initiative serves as an integrated resource for decision-making, working to recognize, promote and celebrate efforts of faculty and students, across curriculum and educational activities, that advance CMU’s commitment to sustainability. 

We invite our faculty and educators to search and identify how your courses are contributing to the Global Goals and encourage you to reach out so we can help find ways for you to incorporate and integrate efforts in your courses and curriculum.


Visualizing CMU Classes to Sustainable Development Goals

This Tableau represents all 14,351 CMU courses from fall 2019 to fall 2021 mapped to the relevant Sustainable Development Goals, based on course descriptions provided by the Registrar. Courses like internships, research, and seminars that do not include information about topics covered are mapped to Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals. The center table lists the most relevant courses for each Sustainable Development Goal.

This is a beta-version automated system, based on a set of keywords, and we are in the process of reviewing the results with a group of instructors. As we engage instructors, the system will be refined to more accurately represent coursework. If you have comments, suggestions, questions, or feedback, please contact

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