Carnegie Mellon University
First Exit out of the tool, open a blank Excel spreadsheet. Go to the Tools menu, select Add-Ins and make sure that Analysis Toolpak and Analysis Toolpak - VBA are checked. Also, make sure the Format and Standard Toolbars (under the Excel toolbar menu) are checked. Re-start the tool. If the tool still does not work delete the copy you have and download it again. If all else fails call the Oracle Help Desk and select the Budgets area.
In most cases the answer is No unless this funding source was defined (with your organization and account segments) to allow this type of expenditure (82108). If this expenditure is not allowed in your account segment structure then you will not include Dependent Tuition Benefit costs in charges billed to other campus organizations.
These codes are actually contra-revenue accounts and have a normal negative balance. So, if you are budgeting $1200 of scholarship money to be paid out in a given month it would appear ($1200).