AfriqAir principles

AfriqAir operates under the principles of inclusivity, openness, and capacity-building:

  • Open data:
    • Preliminary (R0) data will be available in real time for community awareness on the AfriqAir website (coming soon!)
    • Higher quality (R1) archival data is reserved for first use/scientific publication by the core membership
      • Archival data will eventually be made public on a repository with country-specific author lists and DOIs
    • Codes used to process “raw” sensor data to ambient concentrations will be shared via a public code repository like GitHub
  • Running this network requires both monetary and in-kind contributions, including:
    • Funding to support people (scientists, technicians, students); acquire low-cost sensors, reference-grade monitors, protective shelters; transmit and store data
    • Local knowledge and expertise to selecting suitable monitoring sites and ensure proper operation including periodic maintenance as needed
    • The people involved in the above efforts will be recognized by authorships on the newly-generated data and resulting scientific publications from the core membership
    • We acknowledge and thank local hosts who provide secure monitoring sites
  • Long-term sustainability of this network requires local knowledge and expertise, and so we are committed to sharing our knowledge of sensor selection, network operation, and data analysis with local researchers, students, and technicians