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Christy  Veeder

Christy Veeder

Senior Advisor - Office of Energy Jobs, U.S. Department of Energy


Christy Veeder’s longstanding interest in addressing the impacts of climate change on both the natural world and the human beings who live there has led her to a varied career, ranging from her current role as Senior Advisor at the US Department of Energy, where she develops policy to create equitable, quality jobs in the new energy economy; to bringing economic opportunity home to American communities in her former role as Jobs to Move America’s National Director; and working to write effective environmental and energy policy, improve labor relations, and solve industrial manufacturing issues in the US Senate as a Congressional Fellow for the American Meteorological Society. Prior to her direct work in the intersecting areas of climate, energy, and jobs policy, she developed deep familiarity with infrastructure and procurement issues as a Strategy and Development Coordinator for Thornton Tomasetti, an industry leader in structural engineering design projects in the US and abroad. Her perspective born of work in the executive branch of government, nonprofit sector, Capitol Hill, and private industry has shaped her ability to respond constructively to all stakeholders seeking creative policy responses for a changing natural world. Dr. Veeder earned her PhD in Atmospheric Science and Climatology from Columbia University and her BA in English from Cornell University.