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Unpublished Documents
Reder, Arndt, & Park (unpublished, 2006). Support for an operational definition of distinctiveness. [download PDF]

Erickson, M.A., Buchanan, E.E., Shang, J, & Reder, L.M.(unpublished, 2005). Long and Short-term Negative and Positive Priming [download Abstract]

Park, H., & Reder, L.M. (unpublished, 2005).Conjunction Memory Errors: Familiarity without recollection? [download Abstract]

Spehn, M.K. & Reder, L.M. (unpublished, 2000). The Role of Familiarity and Associative Competition in Building Novel Structures. [download PDF]

Cary, M. & Reder, L.M. Modeling the role of perceptual features in word recognition and fragment completion. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Psychonomics Society, November 2000. [download PDF]

Erickson, M.A., & Reder, L.M. (unpublished, 1998). The effects of multiple repetitions on implicit memory across long durations. [download PDF]

Reder, L.M., Stroffolino, P., & Ng, J. (unpublished, 1994). Word frequency and subliminal perception. [download PDF]

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