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Files being shared in the cloud.

October 28, 2020

Google Drive File Stream: Your Files On Demand

Google Drive allows individuals and teams to store files on the cloud without sacrificing valuable hard drive space. One great companion app to Google Drive that you may not know about is Google Drive File Stream.

File Stream allows you to work with your files without downloading them first. Access your projects on all of your devices via the app, then easily share your work with others.

You won't find this app on your personal Google account, however, you can access this tool with your Andrew userID and password.


With Google Drive File Stream you can:

  • Move and manage files and folders in Google Drive File Stream as if your work is stored on your hard drive.
  • Open and edit Microsoft Office documents without converting them to Google's proprietary Docs, Sheets, or Slides formats.
  •  Access files in the following locations:

    • My Drive - contains your own Google Drive folders and files
    • Shared with Me - files shared with you or team shared drives

What are you waiting for?  Visit How to Use Google Drive for information on downloading and installing the app today!