The University Templates-Templates and CMS - Carnegie Mellon University

The University Templates

All CMS sites are built using the official university templates. All templates consist of a combination of site-wide elements (i.e, elements that appear on every page throughout the site) and individual page elements (i.e, elements that can be customizable on a per-page basis).

CMS Page Templates
Print the PDF above for reference while working in the CMS.

Site-Wide Elements

Red Bar Across the Top

  • The red bar across the top contains the Carnegie Mellon University workmark that links to the university's home page
  • The search box allows searches within the site; uncheck the checkbox to search all of the university's websites

First Column

  • At the top of the first column is the site's wordmark or logo that links to the site's home page
  • Below the wordmark or logo is the left navigation which is comprised of Primary Navigation (red) and Secondary Navigation (gray)

Header Navigation

  • The gray bar immediately below the red bar at the top contains the header navigation (optional); the gray bar will not appear if there are no header navigation items

Breadcrumb Links

  • A trail of links is automatically generated as a visitor navigates through the site; these links allow the visitor to reference their current location on the site in relation to the home page


  • Department name and contact information
  • Additional links to email addresses or other websites

Individual Page Elements

Header Photo

  • Add a header photo on a per-page basis (optional)

Second Column (Main Content Area)

  • The second column contains the main content area; you may populate this area with text, images, tables, and media (e.g., videos)

Third Column (Callout Boxes)

  • The third column contains space to add callout boxes (optional). Callout boxes are used to attract attention to information (e.g., deadlines, upcoming events, announcements, etc.) and can be added and removed on an as-needed basis. You may add multiple callout boxes on a page and choose from a variety of background colors.