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Reorder Left Navigation

  1. Select the parent folder of the items you wish to reorder; all of the folder's contents will be displayed at the right, initially in alphabetical order (folders first, then files).
  2. Click Order at the top of the column; this will sort the folder's contents by their current order as they appear on the website.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Drag and Drop - Hold your cursor next to the item until the cursor changes to an up/down arrow (Windows) or down arrow (Mac). Click and drag the item up or down.Drag and Drop to Reorder Left Navigation
    • Up/Down Icons - On the far right of each item you'll see a selection of up and down icons under Actions. Click the appropriate arrow to move the item.
      Reorder Left Navigation

You do not need to save anything as the changes are made immediately. However, you will need to republish the parent folder of all of the pages that should have the left navigation updated to reflect the new order. Site-wide publishes should be done outside of regular business hours (before 9am and after 5pm).

Note: Hidden or not indexed items will still have an order placement assigned to them. They will be disregarded when the left navigation is displayed. Sort hidden items to the bottom of the list if it makes it easier to manage.