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Left Navigation

Primary and secondary navigations comprise the left navigation. The left navigation is automatically generated as you build your website, however you may designate an item's left navigation behavior (e.g., primary, secondary, or hidden) by modifying the metadata for that particular item.

Left Navigation

Designating Primary or Secondary Navigation For an Item

Every item that is to appear in the left navigation should consist of a designated folder for that item with an index page. The index page will serve as the "landing" page for that folder. See index pages.

  1. Select the folder in the folder structure then click Edit > Metadata.
  2. Select the desired Left Navigation Behavior from the drop-down. 
    • Parent Folder Setting – Folder will inherit the settings of its parent folder, usually primary
    • Primary Navigation – Folder will appear as a primary item in the left navigation.
    • Secondary Navigation – Folder to appear as a secondary item in the left navigation.
    • Hide in Left Navigation Unless Selected – Folder will not appear as a main item in the left navigation. This option is usually used for folders that you would like to place in the header navigation.
  3. Click Submit.

Note: Modifications to the left navigation require republishing part or all of your website. As a rule of thumb, whenever you make changes to the way an item appears in the left navigation, always republish the parent folder of that item (which is often the main website folder).