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The CMS Interface

When you log in you'll see the three main sections of the CMS interface: folder structure, main menu, and dashboard.

Folder Structure

Select your site from the drop-down. 

Select your site from the drop-down.
Inside the Base Folder (left column) you will see that site's folder structure.

Note: If the site is newly created and this is your first time working on it, you will see generic folders and pages. See Startup Guide for new CMS Sites.

Main Menu

Use the main menu (top blue bar) to create new folders and new pages, upload files, and check the publishing queue.


The initial screen (right of the folder structure) is the Dashboard. Click Home to access the Dashboard at anytime.

The dashboard is composed of widgets that can be configured and rearranged.


  • Analytics - Not currently available.
  • Drafts - A list of recent drafts. Click View all to see all drafts or click the Drafts tab.
  • History - Ten most recent visited.
  • Link Checker - Not currently available.
  • Locks - Lists items that have been checked out.
  • Messages - Lists most recent system messages.
  • New Content - Not currently available.
  • Stale Content - Breakdown of stale and fresh content. Click the gear icon to modify the report.
  • Content to Review - Displays the status for items that have been manually assigned a review date.
  • Workflows - Not currently available.

Add, Remove and Rearrange Widgets

Click Add Widget to add a widget. Click the wheel icon > Remove Widget. Drag and drop a widget to move it. 

Home Tabs

  • Messages - Expanded view of the Messages.
  • Workflows - Not currently available
  • Locked items - An expanded view of the Locks.
  • Drafts - An expanded view of the Drafts
  • Stale Content - Expanded view of the Stale Content.
  • Link Report - Not currently available
  • Content Ownership - Lists items you created. Click the file and View > Properties to unassign an item.
  • Recycle Bin - Deleted items appear here for fifteen days before being permanently removed. See Recycle Bin.