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Header Photos

Every page has the option to add a header photo, such as the photo of The Fence, above. Header photos are optional and are added on a per-page basis.

Stock Header Photos

A variety of university-related stock header photos are free and available for use on your CMS site. Please visit the Stock Header Photos page to download a photo (must login with Andrew ID).

Use Your Own Header Photos

You may use your own header photos to customize your site with a unique look and feel. Header photos should be in JPG, PNG, or GIF (animated GIFs are acceptable) format. They must be exactly 748 pixels wide at a web resolution of 72 dpi. The height of the header photo is open.

Adding a Header Photo to a Page

  1. Select the page then click Edit.
  2. Click the browse icon in the Page Options section.
    Add Header Photo
  3. Locate the image. See Images for detailed steps.
  4. Click Submit.

Adding Multiple Header Photos

To randomly display photos for the header each time the page is loaded:

  • Add (green plus sign) - Adds another header photo; click the browse icon to choose the photo.
  • Delete (red minus sign) - Deletes the header photo.

Multiple Header Photos