Create a Page-Templates and CMS - Carnegie Mellon University

Create a Page

  1. Select the folder where the new page should reside (parent)
  2. Select New > page type from the main menu to choose between the basic 2 and 3 column pages, or any of the special page types.
  3. Name your page; the example below shows how the different names correspond to different areas of the page.

    Name Page

    • System Name
      The system name is displayed in the folder structure of the CMS and in the URL of the live web page. System names should contain relevant keywords that pertain to the topic of the page. Adhere to the following system name requirements:
      • Lowercase letters or numbers (do not use uppercase)
      • No special characters (e.g., $, %, &)
      • No spaces - use hyphens between words (e.g., about-us, contact-us)
      If this is the first page of your folder, give it a system name of index. See system names and index pages.
    • Title
      The title is displayed in the left navigation and is considered the "user-friendly" name of a page The following are acceptable when assigning a title:
      • Uppercase and lowercase letters or numbers
      • Special characters (e.g., $, %, &)
      • Spaces
      The title of a page plays an important role in search engine optimization so great consideration should be taken to ensure the title contains the top keywords associated with the page.
    • Headline
      The headline, also referred to as Heading 1, is the top-most heading of a page's content and is inserted at the top of the main content area. It is highly recommended that the headline of a page match the title exactly. New pages have a generic "Headline" already created; you may simply select the headline and type your headline over it to replace it.
  4. You may add a header photo to the page in the Page Options section by clicking on the browse button as shown below. See header photos.

    Add Header Photo
  5. Scroll to the main content area where you may insert text, links, images, tables, and media. See add content.
  6. If you created a 3 column page, you will need to configure the callout boxes; refer to Create a Callout Box for further instructions. If you created a Bio, News, or Expand/Collapse page, refer to Special Page Types for further instructions.
  7. When you are finished working on the page, click Submit.
  8. Further edits to the page can be performed by selecting the page in the folder structure then clicking the Edit tab.