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Change Between 2 & 3 Columns

To change an existing 2 column page to a 3 column page and vice versa follow the steps below. Note: Changing page types for special pages (e.g., Bio pages, News pages, Expand-collapse pages) is not recommended.

  1. Select the page.
  2. Click Edit > System.
  3. Click the browse icon to change the Content Type (page type).
    Change Page Type
  4. Select the new page type. Special page types will also appear, please do not change the page type to anything other than a 2 column or a 3 column page.

    Warning! If you change a 3 column page to a 2 column page, you will lose the contents contained in the third column. Please make a backup of the information on your own if you think you may need a record of it.

  5. Click Confirm
If you have changed a 2 column page to a 3 column page, you will notice the new callout box section on the page below the main content area. See callout boxes.