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The WYSIWYG (pronounced "WIZ-ee-wig," an acronym for "what you see is what you get") editor contains various tools for editing and formatting your website's content. The WYSIWYG editor is available in all areas of a page where content can be added.

Main Content Area - WYSIWYG

Use the guide below to reference the tools available in the WYSIWYG editor, and what hotkeys (i.e., keyboard shortcuts) to use for easier editing of content.

Tool Function Additional Information
Custom Character Insert a Custom Character Select from a variety of custom characters such as ®, ½, €
subscript Subscript  
superscript Superscript  
bold Bold Hotkey: Ctrl/Cmd + b
italics Italics Hotkey: Ctrl/Cmd + i
underline Underline Hotkey: Ctrl/Cmd + u
strikethrough Strikethrough  
align left Align Left  
align center Align Center  
right align Align Right  
align full Align Full (Justify)  
styles Styles Styles content (if applicable)
format Heading, Paragraph Formats Structures content properly using defined headings and paragraphs; see Structed Content
Cut Cut Hotkey: Ctrl/Cmd + x
Tool icon not functional in Firefox; use hotkey
Copy Copy Hotkey: Ctrl/Cmd + c
Tool icon not functional in Firefox; use hotkey
Paste Paste Hotkey: Ctrl/Cmd + v
Tool icon not functional in Firefox; use hotkey
Paste as Plain Text Paste as Plain Text Removes all formatting and styling from content to be pasted; click on tool icon prior to pasting content.
find/replace Find/Replace Finds the occurence of a word or phrase and replaces it as desired
spell check Toggle Spell Checker
unordered list Unordered/Bulleted Lists  
ordered list Ordered/Numbered Lists  
outdent Outdent (remove the indent if present)  
indent Indent  
undo Undo Undo the last action
Hotkey: Ctrl/Cmd + z
redo Redo Redo the last undone action
Hotkey: Ctrl/Cmd + y
insert link Insert/Edit link See Create Links
unlink Unlink See Create Links
anchor Insert/Edit Anchor See Anchored Links
Insert/Edit Image Insert/Edit image See Images
Insert Media Insert/Edit Media See Embed Media
Horizontal Rule Horizontal rule Adds a horizontal line into the content
Insert a new table Inserts a Table See Tables
Cleanup Messy Code Cleanup Messy Code  
Remove formatting Remove Formatting  
HTML Edit HTML source Invokes the Advanced Code Editor pop-up window
Toggle guidelines/Invisible elements Toggle Guidelines/Invisible Elements  
Full screen Toggle Fullscreen Mode Expands the WYSIWYG to the full pane.