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Insert a Wordmark or Logo

The wordmark or logo is an image that appears in the upper left corner of every page of your site that should contain the full name of your website.


New sites are provided with a standard wordmark with the site's name in the the official university typeface. If you want to use a custom logo, be sure the image is exactly 214 pixels wide.

  1. Select _internal > site-config > site-config in the folder structure and then click the Edit tab.
  2. Click the browse icon in the Site Logo or Wordmark area of site-config
    add logo or wordmark
  3. Locate the image. See Images for detailed steps. 
  4. Click Submit.
Note: The site-config page itself does not need to be published, however all other pages of the website need to be published in order to reflect the new wordmark or logo. Perform a site-wide publish to ensure the new image appears throughout the site (large publishing jobs should be done before 9am or after 5pm).