Image Editor-Templates and CMS - Carnegie Mellon University

Image Editor

The CMS has tools to replace, rotate, flip, resize, and crop images. Start by selecting the image in the folder structure (if the image has not yet been uploaded to the CMS, follow the instructions to Upload a File) and then click Edit. After editing the image, click Submit.

Replace an Image

Replace an image by dragging a new image into the Drop file here to upload area or click Browse to select a new image from your computer. The file name of the image in the CMS will not change.

Rotate or Flip Image

Use the appropriate tools provided to rotate or flip an image.

Rotate or Flip Image

Crop an Image

Using your cursor, first drag over the area of the image that you would like to crop; then click the Crop tool.

Crop Image

Resize an Image

Resize an image by inserting new dimensions into the Width or Height fields. Keep the Maintain Aspect Ratio (chain link icon) enabled to maintain image proportion. Click the to perform the resize, or the X to cancel.

Resize Image

Undo and Redo

You can undo or redo an action performed by using the Undo and Redo tools.

Undo and Redo