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Google Forms

Google Forms is a free service that allows you to create online forms to collect information directly from your CMS website as shown in the example below. Google Forms can be used for conducting surveys, requesting feedback, or providing a contact method. Once collected, Google will store the submitted information in a spreadsheet that can be accessed from anywhere and shared with others. Please do not use Google Forms to collect and/or store private or sensitive data (e.g., social security numbers, credit card information, etc.).

To use Google Forms, you must first have a Google Account that can be shared among the members of your department or organization (please do not use your own personal Google Account). If you don't already have one, please sign up for a new Google Account before proceeding.


  1. Create a Google Form at and obtain the HTML coding of the form to embed onto your site (located under File > Embed).
  2. In the CMS, edit the page in which you'd like to embed the Google Form. Place your cursor in the appropriate content area and click on the Insert/Edit Embedded Media button.

    Insert Media
  3. In the Insert/Edit Embedded Media pop-up window, select the Embed code tab and paste (Ctrl/Cmd + v) the snippet of HTML coding and click Insert.

    Insert Embed Code
  4. Click Submit to save. The Google Form should now appear on your page.