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Friday, February 6, 2015

Cascade Server 7.12 Upgrade

Computing Services has upgraded Hannon Hill Cascade CMS to version 7.12.  As part of this upgrade, we will continue to offer the v4 template design currently available with the Cascade CMS. See Computing News for the full story.

See what’s new in 7.12.


The new dashboard in 7.12 provides a high-level overview of site activities and reports, and is composed of customizable widgets that can be configured and rearranged. Widgets display a range of information including history, content states, messages, drafts, and more.

7.12 Dashboard

WYSIWYG Editor (i.e., tools for working in the main content area)

New tools are available for creating and editing content. Read more about adding content and using the WYSIWYG editor.


  • Cut, Copy, Paste
    Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons make working with content a whole lot easier (not functional in Firefox or Safari).
  • Paste as Plain Text
    A ‘Paste as Plain Text’ button means no more relying on external applications such as Notepad or TextEdit to prepare your content. In addition, unnecessary Microsoft Word coding is automatically removed upon pasting text directly into the content window (hooray!)
  • Insert Media
    Media such as YouTube, HTML5 video and audio, Flash, Quicktime, and iframes can easily be embedded onto a page without having to access the HTML editor. Learn how to embed media.
  • HTML Source Editor
    For advanced users, the HTML source editor in 7.12 provides many new features including syntax-highlighting, auto-indentation, auto-formatting, code folding, and code snippets.

    HTML Editor

Managing Content

New features for managing content will improve workflow and usability.

  • Recycle Bin
    Deleted items are placed in a recycle bin and can be restored for up to fifteen days before being permanently deleted.

    Recycle Bin
  • Image Editing
    Images can be resized, rotated, and cropped directly in the CMS. Learn how to use the image editor.

    Photo Editor
  • File Upload
    Files can be uploaded through a drag and drop interface. Learn how to upload a file.

    Drag and Drop File Upload
  • Auto-Save Drafts and Submit Button
    Drafts are automatically saved while you work on a page; no more lost work if you accidentally click away prior to submitting a page.

    The Submit button is fixed and always visible in the interface when editing and creating a page so you don’t have to scroll down every time you want to save your work.

    Auto-Save Drafts and Submit Button

Streamlined Functionality

New and improved methods for performing general tasks will make working on your website easier and faster.

  • Context Menus
    Context menus provide quick and easy access to manage individual assets.

    Context Menus
  • Dual Publishing
    The publishing queue can process two jobs at once; this will prevent a single publishing job from backing up the queue. Read more about publishing.
  • Broader Browser Support
    Access the CMS in any major browser.
  • Relationships
    Find out how assets are being referenced throughout your site with the Relationships feature. With this new feature, you can learn where an image is being used or see what pages are linked.

  • Smart Version Comments
    When a draft is saved, version comments will automatically populate with a summary of the changes.

    Smart Version Comments

Additional Features

  • New Stock Header Photos
    New stock header photos are available to freshen up the look and feel of your website.
  • Tidy HTML
    Tidy HTML is unchecked by default allowing more flexibility in content formatting and better usability of the WYSIWYG editor. Read more about the advanced options when saving.
  • Version History
    Version history has been increased to fifty; revert to a previous page version up to fifty instances back.