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Link Checker

A single all-inclusive link checker is not currently available in the CMS, however you may identify broken links using a combination of the tools below. 

Check Internal and External Links on an Individual Page

The CMS has a built-in tool that checks for broken links on an individual page when you submit it. For instructions, refer to Add Content (Advanced Options section). This will check both internal and external links on the page.

Check Internal Links Throughout Your Site

Every time you submit a publish job, a record of it is generated and appears in the Messages widget on your dashboard (Home link in the main menu). If there were any issues encountered during a publish job (including any broken internal links), they will be reported in the message as shown below.

Messages Widget

Click on a message for further details; broken internal links are reported as shown below.

Report of Broken Links

Locate the section in the message which identifies where the broken links are and proceed to fix them.

Report of Broken Links

Note: Each message pertains to the item(s) that were included in that particular publish job only. To see broken internal links throughout your entire site, you would have to do a site-wide publish. Also, please note that this method does not check external links (i.e., any links going to an external site).

Check Internal and External Links Throughout Your Site

Third-party tools are available to perform a site-wide check of both internal and external links; refer to Link Checking Tools.