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Department of Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

Head: Professor Anne Robinson  Doherty Hall 1111   Phone: (412) 268-2230

Department Support:  Janet Latini Doherty Hall 1107    Phone: (412) 268-2230

What Contact/E-mail Phone
Alumni Affairs David DeLo 412-268-8479
Andrew Accounts, ID Cards Janet Latini 412-268-2230
Card Access for Chemical Engineering Spaces Janet Latini 412-268-2230
Computer Cluster, Computer Support Justin Dawber 412-268-7993
Conference Room Reservations Janet Latini 412-268-2230
Course Support See Faculty Support List
Department Tours Janet Latini 412-268-2230
Facility Repairs Julie Tilton 412-268-9537
Faculty Support See Faculty Support List
General Information, Student Tours Janet Latini 412-268-2230
Graduate Admissions Allyson Danley 412-268-2243
Graduate Student Programs Cindy Vicker 412-268-1566
Human Resources Kristyn Williams 412-268-3573
Keys, Copy Codes Janet Latini 412-268-2230
Lab Meetings and Food See Faculty Support List
Locked out of Office Janet Latini 412-268-2230
Mailboxes, Mailings Janet Latini 412-268-2230
Office Space Assignments Julie Tilton 412-268-9537
Office Supplies Janet Latini 412-268-2230
Payroll Changes Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students Kristyn Williams 412-268-3573
Proposal Submissions Shirley A. Pavlischak 412-268-2251
Purchasing Julie Tilton 412-268-9537
Seminar Series Janet Latini 412-268-2230
Student Payroll, Time cards    Kristyn Williams 412-268-3573
Telephone Kristyn Williams 412-268-3573
Travel and Reimbursements See Faculty Support List
Undergraduate Programs Cindy Vicker 412-268-1566
Undergraduate Students Cindy Vicker 412-268-1566
Visas for Visitor & Visitor Support Kristyn Williams 412-268-3573
Website    Adam Dove 412-268-7993
Faculty Staff Contact Staff Contact Number
Shelley L. Anna Shirley Pavlischak 412-268-2251
Lorenz Biegler Janet Latini 412-268-2230
Kris Noel Dahl Janet Latini 412-268-2230
Michael Domach Shirley Pavlischak 412-268-2251
Neil Donahue Shirley Pavlischak 412-268-2251
Andrew Gellman Janet Latini  412-268-2230
Chrysanthos E. Gounaris Laura Shaheen 412-268-2230
Ignacio Grossmann Laura Shaheen 412-268-6344
Annette Jacobson Laura Shaheen 412-268-6344
Myung Jhon Shirley Pavlischak 412-268-2251
Aditya Khair Alice Yochum 412-268-9851
John Kitchin Shirley Pavlischak 412-268-2251
Jim Miller Janet Latini 412-268-2230
Spyros Pandis Laura Shaheen 412-268-6344
Dennis Prieve Laura Shaheen 412-268-6344
Todd Przybycien Laura Shaheen 412-268-6344
Nikolaos V. Sahinidis Alice Yochum 412-268-9851
James Schneider Alice Yochum 412-268-9851
Paul Sides Janet Latini 412-268-2230
Jeffrey J. Siirola Janet Latini 412-268-2230
Susana C. Steppan Laura Shaheen 412-268-6344
Robert Tilton Alice Yochum 412-268-9851
Zachary Ulissi Janet Latini 412-268-2230
Lynn Walker Janet Latini 412-268-2230
Arthur Westerberg Janet Latini 412-268-2230
Kathryn A. Whitehead Janet Latini 412-268-2230
Erik Ydstie Alice Yochum 412-268-9851