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Machine Shop

Machine Shop

Over the years the Chemical Engineering Machine Shop has provided design and fabrication services to support faculty and student research projects.  Initially it served the Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering departments but over time became a valuable resource serving the broader campus. Under the supervision of Larry Hayhurst it developed an instructional element to complement the design and fabrication services as many students gained instruction in the art, craft, and science of machining. 

During 2017 the Chemical Engineering Machine Shop is becoming a part of the College of Engineering Maker Wing facility.   In it's new home the design, fabrication, and instructional services will continue to thrive.   Professors, graduate students and undergraduates may be experimentalists employing “hands-on” use of the shop for their projects.  To support and encourage them, the Machine Shop offers classes for people interested in learning practical shop skills.  Students can get a feel for what manufacturing is all about.  This kind of experience makes them more useful and attractive to potential employers.

During the Fall of 2017, requests can be submitted to the shop by emailing or by visiting the current shop location in Doherty Hall B211. 

In the Spring of 2018 the shop will be relocated to new space in the Hamerschlag Maker Wing.