The Interfacial Physics Group

Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Physics


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Stephen Garoff, Principal Investigator

Curriculam Vitae

Harvard University, Ph.D. Applied Physics
Harvard University, M.S. Applied Physics
Yale University, B.S. Physics

Office: Wean Hall 6313
Phone: 412-268-6877

Current Group Members

Brian McKenzie

Ph.D. Student, Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Florida

Tsung-Lin Hsieh

Ph.D. Student, Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

B.S. Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University

Madeline Sauleda

Ph.D. Student, Physics, Carnegie Mellon University

B.S. Physics, University of Massacusetts, Amherst

Angela Yang

Ph.D. Student, Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Southern California

Past Group Members

Past Graduate Students

Name Thesis Title
Lena Asavathiratham Image Analysis as a Tool to Study Electrokinetics of Heterogeneously Charged Colloids
Benjamin Beppler Deposition Through Moving Contact Lines
William Birch The Microscopic and Molecular Structure of Precursing Thin Films of Surfactant Solutions on Silicon Oxide/Silicon Surfaces
Sebastian Catana Tangential Forces between Spheres of Colloidal Doublets
Qun Chen Experimental Investigation of Dynamic Wetting Models: Interface Shapes and Velocity Fields Near the Moving Contact Line
Xia Chen Effects of Thin and Ultra-Thin Liquid Films on Dynamic Wetting
Chiung-Hsuan Chung Marangoni Driven Flow of Surfactant Solutions on Polymer Solution Subphase
Eldon Decker Contact Line Structure and Relaxation on Surfaces with Contact Angle Hysteresis
Dimitar Draganov Transition Region and Precursing Films of Polymer Melts
Benjamin Frank Surfactant elf-Assembly Near Contact Lines: Control of Advancing Surfactant Solutions
Xiaotong Fu Development of an Apparatus and Analysis Method for Characterizing Marangoni Spreading on Grooved Surfaces
Jason Hamm Redispersion of Polymer Coated Colloidal Aggregates with Changing Solvent Quality
Keith Humfeld Interface Shapes and Thing Film Structures of Complete Partial, and Pseudo Partial Wetting Systems
Steven Iasella Surfactant Driven Pulmonary Drug Delivery
Parv Jain Dissolution of a Physically Entangled Polymer Solution at a Few Times the Overlap Concentration
Roomi Kalita Incomplete Spreading of Surfactants and Surfactant Solutions on Liquid Subphases: A Proof of Surfactant Moving Ahead of Contact Lines and the Origin of Autophobing
Anubhav Khana Impact of Cosurfactants on Marangoni Spreading at the Oil/Water Interface
Amsul Khanal Spreading of Surfactant-Laden Aerosols on Entangled Polymer Solution Subphases
Junhyung Kim Dynamics of Particles in Spatially and Temporally Varying Electric Fields Near Electrodes
Kevin Koch Surface Tension Gradient Driven Flows on Complex Subphases
Barry Luokkala InterfacialnStructure and Rearrangement of Nonionic Surfactants Near a RecedingnContact Line
John Marsh Dynamic Contact Angles and Hydrodynamics Near a Moving Contact Line
Jaehyun Moon The wetting characteristics and diffusive growth of precursing films in single and multi component metallic systms
Gurudatta Nadkarni The Complex Microscopic Contact Line Motion On Ambient Surfaces
Jingyi Pan Marangoni Transport Synergism at the Oil/Water Interface Caused by Surfactant Convective-Diffusion under Radial Flow
Aditya Patel Preparation and Characterization of Powders for Surfactant Driven Marangoni Spreading
Dan Qu Hydrodynamics of Dip-Coated Thin Films in the Presence of Evaporation and Surfactant Structures Controlling Spontaneous Dewetting
Gitanjali Seevaratnam Dynamic Wetting of Non-Newtonian Fluids
Ramankur Sharma Spreading and Wetting Characteristics of a Drop of Pure Surfactant and Surfactant Solution on Liquid Subphases
Sneha H. Solanki Comparison of Surfactant Effectiveness in Enhancing Deposited Aerosol Spreading with Applicaiton to Pulmonary Delivery
Amy Stetten Capillary and Transport Phenomena of Liquid Drops Spreading on Miscible Liquid Subphases
Kroum Stoev Thin Film and Inertial Effects on the Hydrodynamics Near Moving Contact Lines
Ningguan Sun The Effect of Surfactant Concentration on Surfactant-driven Marangoni Flow
Yue Suo Unsteady Spreading of Newtonian Fluids and Dynamic Wetting of Shear-Thinning Fluids
Kalyani Varanasi Dynamic Wetting at Receding Contact Lines of Soluble Surfactant Solutions: Hydrodynamics and Molecular Assemblies
Darrell Velegol Determining the Forces between Colloidal Particles Using Differential Electrophoresis
Yuli Wei Dynamic Wetting of Viscous and Vicoelastic Fluids
Keith Willson Dynamic Wetting of Polyer Melts- And Investigation of the Role of Material Properties and the Inner Scale Hydrodynamics
Haichao Wu Marangoni Driven Dewetting of Thin Liquid Layers in a Cylinder
Bingfan Xie Marangoni Flow on a Thin Liquid Layer in a Vertical Tube
Xin Zhang The Effects of Powder Composition on Surfactant Driven Marangoni Transport
Ying Zhang Coalescence of Sessile Drops: The Role of Gravity, Interfacial Tensions and Surface Wettability
Yuqi Zhang The Impact of a Gel Substrate on the Marangoni Driven Spreading on a Simple Liquid Layer
Zechen Zhang Detection of Marangoni Flow Driven Drug Delivery
Mengjie Zhoa Production and Characterization of Self-Dispersing Particles


Post Doctoral Research Associates

Henry Chu
Gunnar Duner
Nitin Kumar
Enrique Ramé

Current and Recent Collaborators

Günter K. Auernhammer Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research
Hans-Jürgen Butt Max Plank Institute for Polymer Research
Tim Corcoran School of Medicine
University of Pittsburgh
Felix Gerlach Technical University of Darmstadt
Vignesh Thammanna Gurumurthy Technical University of Darmstadt
Aditya Khair Chemical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
Selin Manukyan Technical University of Darmstadt
Ilia Roismann Technical University of Darmstadt
Benedikt Straub Max Plank Institute for Polymer Research
Robert Tilton Biomedical and Chemical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
Cam Tropea Technical University of Darmstadt
Xiang Wang Technical University of Darmstadt