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  • The graduate-level training program “Interinstitutional Program in Cell & Molecular Biology” addresses the demands of changing job prospects, an urgent need to increase diversity in the scientific community, and the importance of enhancing ethics and rigor in research. The program unites three internationally recognized research and educational entities, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and Carnegie-Mellon University, all in close proximity within one of America’s most livable cities. Thanks to culling from the best of the participating departments, trainees will attend outstanding courses and seminars that collectively hone critical thinking, enable broad knowledge, introduce cutting-edge technologies, emphasize scientific ethics and rigor and reproducibility, and highlight career and professional development opportunities. Additionally, instruction and practice in communication skills, including participation in outreach and classroom teaching, will be an integral feature of the program. In sum, the program will recruit and retain a diverse trainee cohort that will be provided with a tailored and collaboration-focused pathway, preparing them for entry into a range of career paths open to PhD recipients in cell and molecular biology. 
  • Provides support in years 2, 3 or 4 for graduate students in each of the following departments and affiliated graduate programs: Interdisciplinary Biomedical Graduate Program (SOM at Pitt), the Department of Biological Sciences (at Pitt), and the Department of Biological Sciences (at Carnegie-Mellon University).
  • TO APPLY: Students starting years 2-4 should provide a 2-page research prospectus, a short statement of career goals, 2 letters of recommendation (one from mentor), and a copy of undergraduate and graduate transcripts. Applicants must be T32 training eligible. Eligible past trainees may re-apply. Members of underrepresented minority groups in the sciences are particularly encouraged to apply. The current deadline is July 18. Submit to Chris Bigi at Funding is anticipated to start Sept 1.

·       Program executive committee:

Jeff Brodsky
Adam Linstedt   
Sandra Murray
Adam Kwiatkowski
Sasha Sorkin

Program Committee
Program Committee

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