Carnegie Mellon University

Administrative Leadership Group Charter 

The Administrative Leadership Group (ALG) is a collaborative team appointed by the Deans, VPs and Directors of the various schools and departments within Carnegie Mellon. The ALG was created to respond to current and pending financial and administrative issues and develop solutions that are in line with the University mission while maintaining a collaborative environment and acknowledging resource constraints.  It is the responsibility of the members to communicate back to their Deans/VP's, business managers, unit directs, etc.

Terms of Reference 

A.    Membership

  • ALG members represent their units, but also the good of the whole university.
  • Substitute members should not be sent to meetings, but unit subject matter experts may be able to attend (if at an appropriate level) and depending on the agenda topics.
  • Members should strive to be proactive and develop solutions, not only for compliance, but to improve business processes that support the mission of university.

B.    Meetings

  • Agenda setting subgroup sets standards and determines topics for the year; develops strategy for presenters, frames communications, and adjusts agenda for monthly meetings as new topics arise.
  • ALG makes recommendations to appropriate parties on issues, based on majority consensus, using pros/cons list to support positions taken.
  • ALG should follow up discussion with after action reviews.