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CMU SV Wireless Innovators

Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley Wireless Innovators is the CMU Silicon Valley amateur radio association.  Students, staff and faculty are welcome to join.  Interested in joining or learning more about amateur radio? Contact us.

We operate the W6CMU repeater (DMR mode, 443.8250 +5.0 MHz, Color Code 1, coordinated through NARCC)

Transmitter (fox) Hunting

Join us this spring as we learn how to use directional antennas to find hidden transmitters -- fox hunting.  

To learn more, contact us!

What do we do as an association?

  • Train individuals in the theory and practice of radio systems
  • Encourage individuals to earn their FCC amateur radio license
  • Experiment with radio technologies
  • Participate in amateur radio events and contests -- locally, nationally and internationally
  • Assist local communities through emergency communications drills and preparedness exercises

Background Information

The W6CMU Leadership Team

  • Yalei Song, KK6UZI (technician), president 
  • Ervin Teng, KK6HAJ (general), technical operations manager
  • Will Hendry (license soon), secretary-treasurer 
  • Bob Iannucci, W6EI (extra), trustee and faculty advisor; Palo Alto CERT 
  • Patrick Tague, W6PDT (general), faculty advisor
  • David Witkowski, W6DTW (extra), external advisor
  • Martin Griss, KJ6MIN (extra), faculty advisor; Mountain View CERT 


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  • December, 2015: Club members had a tape-measure-Yagi construction party -- in preparation for club-sponsored radio direction finding (foxhunt) events
  • June, 2015: Participation in ARRL Field Day -- the CROSSMobile van and our SteppIR antenna, situated at the top of Foothills Park in Palo Alto, made for an outstanding experience in emergency communications preparedness (photo above)
  • May, 2014:  W6CMU is recognized as a duly affiliated society of the American Radio Relay League
  • March, 2014: featured on the CMU home page: Hamming it up
  • December, 2013: featured on CMU-SV News : Campus 'ham' association promotes exciting new uses for radio