Center for Open Source Investigation-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Center for Open Source Investigation

The open source movement has permanently changed the software landscape. Millions of people and countless companies and organizations now use open source software in their daily computing activities. Software developers as well rely on open source development tools and execution environments. In response to the plethora of new challenges arising from the increased use and acceptance of open source software, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley has established the Center for Open Source Investigation (COSI) to address the technical, managerial, and business concerns raised by this growing new segment of the software industry. COSI draws upon Carnegie Mellon's international renown in software engineering with the goal of serving as a trusted and impartial center of open source expertise and innovation. The center also works to facilitate effective communication among companies, the research community, and the providers of open source products and services.

Under the direction of Dr. Tony Wasserman, COSI focuses on methods and practices for developing, adopting, managing, and integrating systems that incorporate open source technology. COSI’s laboratory offers ample opportunities for students and faculty alike to engage in individual and collaborative projects. Research conducted at COSI provides valuable information for use in evaluating and deploying open source-based systems.  Additional resources, including links to leading open source organizations, companies, information sites, and conferences, as well as COSI's own research reports, are available via COSI’s website. COSI also produces technical papers, workshops, educational programs aimed at helping companies and organizations use open source technologies more effectively. Research conducted at COSI will now have an impact on the acceptance and adoption of open source software at the federal level with Dr. Wassermann’s recent selection as a founding member of Open Source for America, a newly formed consortium of companies, academic institutions, communities, and individuals created to serve as a unified voice for the advocacy of broader use of open source software in the U.S. government. Learn more by visiting the COSI website.

Contact: Tony Wasserman