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Carnegie Mellon faculty and researchers are honored to welcome guests to the Silicon Valley campus for special events, lectures and discussion sessions. All members of the CMU community are invited to join these seminars in person or by remote attendance.

Archived video of select seminars are available on CMU-SV's YouTube channel

Spring 2015

  • March 4 — Davide Fossati, CMU Qatar, "Learning Computer Science with iList and ChiQat-Tutor"
  • February 18 — Captain Michael Wilson, FAA, "Evolving World of Drones: Technology, Standards and Strategies"
  • January 20 — Richard La, University of Maryland, "A class of simple learning rules and convergence to pure-strategy Nash equilibria with feedback delays"

Guests — please see the visitor information for directions to our campus. Each lecture will also be broadcast live online via Adobe Connect at

Past Events: 2014 Highlights

Archived video of select seminars are available on CMU-SV's YouTube channel.

  • April 2 — Phil Simon, Author, The Visual Organization: Data Visualization, Big Data, and the Quest for Better Decisions and CMU alumnus
  • April 4 — "Refactoring Specification and Automation for the Consolidation of Customized Product Copies," Daniel Kojic, InterAct student from Karlsruher Institute of Technology
  • April 16 — Lorien Pratt, Chief Scientist and co-founder of Quantellia, on "Decision Intelligence, Theory and Practice"
  • August 28 — Phil Koopman, Associate Professor, CMU Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • September 24— Frank McCabe, senior architect, Instart Logic Inc.
  • October 8 — Bill Kish, CMU alumnus; CTO and co-founder of Ruckus Wireless, Inc.
  • October 22 — Selim BalcisoySabanci University
  • October 29 — Andrew Ng, CMU alumnus; Chief Scientist at Baidu, co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Coursera
  • November 5 — Shriram Natarajan, VP of Technology Consulting at Persistent Systems
  • November 10 — João Paulo Cunha, University of Porto, Portugal & Carnegie Mellon Portugal program

Distinguished Lecture Series

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