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The Silicon Valley campus regularly hosts lectures and discussions with distinguished guests. These events are open to faculty, staff, students and the public, and often broadcast to colleagues at the Pittsburgh campus and made available for remote attendance.

2014 Distinguished Lecture Series

A monthly series featuring guest speakers discussing technology research, trends and projects. For information on future events in this series, please subscribe to our newsletter and mailing list.

Phillippe Kruchten

April 30 — Phillippe Kruchten

Professor and NSERC Chair in Design Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of British Columbia

"Why is software so bad? (Is it?)"

1:30 p.m., Room 118, Silicon Valley campus

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  • Sept. 10 — Don Knuth, "All Questions Answered"
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Talks on Computing Systems

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Dirk Riehle

Professor of Open-Source Software, Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg

Inner Source in Product Line Engineering


David Stork

Research Director - Computational Sensing and Imaging Group, Rambus Labs

Ultra-Miniature Lensless Computational Sensors and Imagers

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10-8-13 Nolan Bushnell

CEO, Brainrush

Technology Pioneer & Entrepreneur

ASI 1997 Man of the Year

Video Game Hall of Fame

Consumer Electronics Association Hall of Fame

Newsweek's "50 Men That Changed America"

"The Revolutionaries" - Tech Museum, San Jose

Nolan Bushnell - Technology Pioneer and Entrepreneur

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Benjamin Brooks

Research Geologist,Earthquake Science Center/US Geological Survey

Crowd-sourced Earthquake Geodesy

Not available.

9-17-13 David Broman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Linköping University Sweden

Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley

Modeling, Compiling, and Executing with Ubiquitous Notion of Time

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Jon Whittle

Professor and Chair of Software Engineering, Lancaster University

The Truth About Model-Driven Software Development: Who's Doing It, How and Why?

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9-3-13 Dr. Raja Sengupta

Associate Professor - CEE:Systems, UC Berkeley

Adapting the Citizen to the City: Who's Doing It, How and Why?

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8-27-13 Steve Mason

Innovation Advisor, Obscura Digital

Senior Director, Samsung SISA

Spatial Operating System Design

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7-23-13 Ken Karakotsios

Cellular Automata (CASim on the Mac II, Tracit on iPhone & iPad)

Creator, SimLife (an award-winning game)

Founder, DecisionPower

Creator, MarketSim

Occupy the Future

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7-9-13 Alec Proudfoot

Chief Designer, Proudfoot Design

Engineer, Google's RechargeIT Plug-In Vehicle Project

Engineer, GM Impact Prototype

Dead Simple Human Powered Airplane (DaSH PA) Project

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7-2-13 Andrzej M. Goscinski

School of Information Technology, Deakin University - Australia

Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Service Computing

Associate Editor, Inderscience's International Journal on Cloud Computing

Associate Editor, Springer's Future Generation Computer Systems

General, Program Chair, and Honorary Chair of IEEE Conference Program

Toward SaaS Clouds Supporting HPC Biology and Medicine Applications



6-11-13 Jason Chuang
Postdoctoral Researcher, Computer Science, Stanford University Designing Visual Analysis Methods

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6-4-13 Jon Fisher
CEO/Co-Founder, CrowdOptic Being Out Front to Trade to the #1 Acquirer


5-28-13 Sanjeev Agrawal CEO, collegefeed Kickstarting Early Careers Through collegefeed

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5-21-13 Terry Winograd

Stanford University

Hasso Platner Institute of Design at Stanford

Liberation Technology Project


Computer Professionals of Social Responsibility

2011 CHI Lifetime Research Achievement Award

Filling in the H in CHI

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5-7-13 Ronald Kaplan

Sr. Director/Distinguished Scientist, Nuance

Consulting Professor of Linguistics, Stanford University

Conversational User Interface
4-30-13 Chuck Thacker
Microsoft Research Silicon Valley
The Xerox Alto Architecture

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4-23-13 Stan Rosenschein

BranchTime Technologies

CSLI, Stanford University

Open Coordination Architecture for a Networked World

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4-16-13 Salim Achouche
Sr. Software Architect, Informatica Trying to Optimize ETL on Top of Hadoop using HIVE

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4-9-13 Scott Clark Software Engineer, Yelp Optimally Learning for Fun and Profit

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4-2-13 Dr. Paul Hofmann
CTO, Saffron Technology
Sense Making and Prediction Like the Human Brain


3-26-13 Jeany Stein CEO, Select2Gether The Future of Consultation and Location - From Social to Mobile

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3-5-13 Alex Nobert Director of Technical Operations, Minted They Grow Up So Fast: Scaling Production Web Applications

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2-26-13 Abe Ishihara Research Scientist, Carnegie Mellon University Degradation of Solar Arrays and its Resolution
2-12-13 George Vanecek Sr. Principal Researcher/Architect, FutureWei Technologies/Center of Innovation eCeNS Hybrid Knowledge Base and SCN Engine Framework for Building Intelligent Systems

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1-29-13 Robert de Neve Founder/CEO, E Systems Technology Inc. Collaborative Manufacturing: How the Next Generation in Production Systems will save US Jobs & Intellectual Property

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