Research, Development and Outreach Program-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Research, Development and Outreach Program

The DMI is pursuing a program of several areas of focus, reflecting the needs and interests of our community. The DMI brings together shared experience and resources toward a more systematic and coherent approach to development and intergration of technology for disaster management.

The activities of the DMI cluster around three major foci: community engagement, solution & policy development and technology research, prototyping and development; each influenced by the increasing adoption and impact of mobile and sensor technologies that empower citizens and first responders, leading to a more dynamic and distributed emergency response. These areas are connected because of our agile action research and participatory design approach, which requires tight coupling between users, researchers and developers.

We develop highly effective solutions by bringing together input from different communities and quickly developing and evaluating prototypes with extensive on-the-ground testing. We use these techniques to identify root problems and adoption barriers and thus enable disaster managers and responders to better achieve their goals.

DMI partners benefit from these robust technologies, solutions and processes. Our partners also contribute their region-specific problems, experience and solutions. We maintain a portfolio of research, development, and community activities.This portfolio includes both short-term and longer-term projects, as well as building a cross-sector community of practice.

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