MS ECE in Silicon Valley-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering in Silicon Valley

Students in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) MS program can pursue their study at the CMU Silicon Valley campus, working with faculty, researchers and other MS and PhD students in a small, warm and exciting environment. The Silicon Valley campus is strong in software engineering, security, wireless sensors, mobile computing, machine learning, and wireless networking. Campus faculty and researchers work closely with many Silicon Valley companies.

For more information on degree requirements and program procedures, please see the ECE MS website. For admissions, please use the MS ECE online admissions process.

Graduate level courses offered by ECE in Silicon Valley are designated as 18-xxx. These may be taken to fulfill the 60-unit ECE graduate course requirement. Other courses, including those offered by the Integrated Innovation Institute as available, may be available to Silicon Valley students each semester and are candidates for the 36 units of approved non-ECE courses.

Selected ECE and approved SV courses that can be taken in SV

18-513 Circuits and Antennas for Wireless Systems
18-636 Browser Security
14-814 / 18-637  Wireless Network Security (crosslisted with INI) 
18-638 Mobile Security
18-641 Java for Smartphone Development
18-642 Introduction to Software Engineering
18-644 Mobile Hardware for Software Engineers
18-645 How to Write Fast Code
18-646 Low-Power System-on-Chip Architecture
18-647 Connected Embedded Systems Architecture
18-652 Foundations of Software Engineering
18-653 Software Architecture and Design
18-654 Software Verification, Validation and Testing
18-655 Service Oriented Computing
18-687 Analytical Performance Modeling and Design of Computer Systems
18-697 Statistical Discovery and Learning
18-739 Foundations of Security and Privacy
18-751 Applied Stochastic Processes
18-779 Stochastic Optimization
18-781 Speech Recognition and Understanding
18-799SM Special Topics in Signal Processing: Advanced Machine Learning
18-799L Special Topics in Signal Processing: Advanced Speech Lab
18-819SB Special Topics in Applied Physics: Introduction to Solar Arrays - Modeling, Analysis, and Design
18-843 Mobile and Pervasive Computing
18-879K Special Topics in Systems and Control: Adaptive Control and Signal Processing


The Fall 2015 application period is now closed. The next applications period will be for Spring 2016.

If you have questions about the status of an existing application, contact