Engineering, Software & IT Graduate Courses Offered -Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Course Overview

Most courses required for the degree programs at CMU-SV campus are offered directly on the campus, taught by local faculty. Several courses are also available via video-cast to or from Pittsburgh, to ensure full integration between programs. Only currently enrolled CMU students may take classes at the SV campus; we do not offer course auditing or non-degree enrollment.

All programs hold courses in the regular Fall and Spring semesters; students in some programs may also take courses in half-semester mini sessions and during the Summer semester. Some courses may be cross-listed, allowing students to take courses in different disciplines.

Courses Offered in Silicon Valley

The following lists include courses that may be offered to students at the Silicon Valley campus, including broadcast courses, half-semester mini courses and electives open to students in different programs. 

Program information

CMU Schedule of Classes

Complete details for graduate level courses offered during the current semester, as well as past and future terms when applicable, are available online.

Schedule of courses from SIS

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For details on which courses are offered in any particular program, please refer to the department's official program catalog and curriculum.