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Course Overview

Most courses required for the degree programs at CMU-SV campus are offered directly on the campus, taught by local faculty. Several courses are also available via video-cast to or from Pittsburgh, to ensure full integration between programs. Only currently enrolled CMU students may take classes at the SV campus; we do not offer course auditing or non-degree enrollment.

All programs hold courses in the regular Fall and Spring semesters; students in some programs may also take courses in half-semester mini sessions and during the Summer semester. Some courses may be cross-listed, allowing students to take courses in different disciplines.

CMU Schedule of Classes

Complete details for graduate level courses offered during the current semester, as well as past and future terms when applicable, are available online.

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For details on which courses are offered in any particular program, please refer to the department's official program catalog and curriculum.

Program information

Courses Offered in Silicon Valley

The following list is a sample of courses that have been offered to students at the Silicon Valley campus, including broadcast courses, half-semester mini courses and electives open to students in different programs.

Course Number

Course Title

ECE courses
18-513 Circuits and Antennas for Wireless Systems
18-636 Browser Security
14-814 / 18-637 
Wireless Network Security
(crosslisted with INI) 
18-638 Mobile Security
18-641 Java for Smartphone Development
18-642 Introduction to Software Engineering
18-644 Mobile Hardware for Software Engineers
18-645 How to Write Fast Code
18-646 Low-Power System-on-Chip Architecture
18-647 Connected Embedded Systems Architecture
18-652 Foundations of Software Engineering
18-653 Software Architecture and Design
18-654 Software Verification, Validation and Testing
18-655 Service Oriented Computing
18-687 Analytical Performance Modeling and Design of Computer Systems
18-697 Statistical Discovery and Learning
18-739 Foundations of Security and Privacy
18-751 Applied Stochastic Processes
18-779 Stochastic Optimization
18-781 Speech Recognition and Understanding
18-799SM Special Topics in Signal Processing: Advanced Machine Learning
18-799L Special Topics in Signal Processing: Advanced Speech Lab
18-819SB Special Topics in Applied Physics: Introduction to Solar Arrays - Modeling, Analysis, and Design
18-843 Mobile and Pervasive Computing
18-879K Special Topics in Systems and Control: Adaptive Control and Signal Processing
SV courses: Integrated Innovation Institute, minis, electives
96-703 Metrics for Software Engineering
96-709 Avoiding Software Project Failures
96-720 Special Topics in Systems & Controls: Neural Network Control of Nonlinear System 
96-731 Software Management Capstone Project
96-732 Entrepreneurial Finance II
96-736 Special Topics: Service Oriented Computing
96-770 Agile Marketing for High-Tech Innovations 
96-773 Software Verification and Testing 
96-780 Elements of Software Management
96-781 Metrics for Software Managers 
96-782 Process and Project Management
96-783 Managing Software Professionals 
96-784 Managing Outsourced Development 
96-786 Open Source Software
96-787 Special Topics: Introduction to Cloud Computing
96-788 Software Product Definition 
96-789 Requirements Analysis 
96-790 Software Product Strategy
96-791 The Business of Software
96-794 Software Mangement Practicum
96-795 Capstone Project Course
96-800 Real World Software Engineering for Entrepreneurs
96-808 Organizational Behavior for High Tech Knowledge Industry 
96-809 Enterprise Innovation
96-815 Innovation and Entrepreneurship I
96-819 Entrepreneurial Finance I
96-820 Innovation and Entrepreneurship II  
96-822 Mobile Ecosystem
96-826 Directed Research
96-827 Improvisation for Engineers
96-837 Visual Analytics
96-838 Special Topics Seminar: Craft of Software Development
96-843 Independent Study