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Industry Connections

Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda offers a wide range of opportunities for local and international industries to engage, including internships, corporate practicums, research collaborations and programs for sponsoring students through scholarships.

We welcome your interaction with our students, faculty members, researchers and staff. There are many ways you or your company can build a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University. Depending on your interests and goals, we can customize a plan to suit your needs.



Our graduate program requires students to participate in a three-month internship at a third party enterprise or organization. 

The internship allows them to apply their knowledge and experiences from the program’s courses and labs in a real-world work environment, preparing students to become innovators and leaders in the development and application of ICT. 

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During the third or fourth semester of the MSIT program, student teams apply what they have learned to a real-world problem defined by an industry sponsor.

Working with the client, the team negotiates plans and deliverables, and then develops their final product while adhering to high standards for accountability, teamwork and best practices.

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