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Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering in Rwanda

As a branch of the College of Engineering (CIT), CMU-Rwanda offers the MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE).  MS ECE students, including students in the ECE Integrated Master’s-Bachelor’s (IMB) program, can pursue their studies as full-time students at the CMU Rwanda campus for one semester or for the entire MS ECE program.  CMU-Rwanda offers a stimulating and unique opportunity to study with faculty, researchers and other MS students in one of the world’s most rapidly developing economies.  In addition to offering fundamental courses and the technology enhance curriculum from Pittsburgh, CMU-Rwanda is strong in telecommunications and wireless networks, mobile computing, energy systems, and information and communication technology (ICT), with a special emphasis on emerging ICT innovations and applications in Africa.

The table below lists the graduate-level ECE courses (18-xxx) offered in Rwanda that may be taken to fulfill the 60-unit ECE graduate course requirement.  A wide range of other courses in the CMU-R MS in Information Technology (MSIT) program (04-xxx) are available each semester and are candidates for the 36 units of approved non-ECE courses. 

For more information on degree requirements and program procedures, please see the ECE MS website. For admissions, please use the MS ECE online application system.

ECE courses available at CMU-Rwanda

Course Number

Course Title


18-750 / 04-641 Fundamentals of Telecommunications and Computer Networks 12
18-740 Computer Architecture 12
18-660 Numerical Methods for Engineering Design and Optimization 12
18-765 Digital System Testing and Testable Design 12
18-782 Machine Learning 12
18-790 Wavelets and Multiresolution Techniques 12
18-980 Statistical Discovery and Learning 12
18-739 Foundations of Security and Privacy 12
18-980 M.S. Graduate Project (ECE) Variable
18-631 / 04-635 Introduction to Information Security 12
18-645 How to Write Fast Code 12
18-759 / 04 644 Wireless Networks 12
18-842 Distributed Systems 12
18-879 Special Topics in Systems and Controls: Stochastic Optimization 12
18-980 M.S. Graduate Project (ECE) Variable