QoLT Mine-Quality of Life Technology Center - Carnegie Mellon University

QoLT Mine: Creating a Knowledge Base

QoLT Mine captures, documents, combines and analyzes the relevant research and published literature on all aspects of the QoLT initiative. This includes both scholarly and professional literature in the fields of medicine, computer science, robotics, rehabilitation science, engineering, business, public policy, psychology, architecture, and education, from 2003 to the present. A long term goal is to create a unique knowledge repository/clearinghouse for researchers and stakeholders to use, and to identify a universe of associated terminology for this new interdisciplinary research area.

There are four components to this project:

  1. Database Component: We are searching databases in a range of disciplines, culling the relevant citations and consolidating them into a separate database, using various reference management tools. We will also collect and organize salient web presences in those areas and compile them. We are crafting multiple search strategies and tracking them as we proceed. The majority of the citations will come from peer-reviewed publications; sources coming from websites or the trade and popular press will be assessed as much as possible on based on their authoritativeness and currency.
  2. Interview Component: We are interviewing information users that may include scientists, engineers, clinicians, and other researchers affiliated with QoLT, with the goal of summarizing and abstracting the investigations being done in support of the Center.
  3. Analysis Component: Through use of citation-analysis software, we will mine the text of the citations, interviews, and other documents that we gather. Our goal is to isolate significant terminology, track research trends, and identify pertinent journals, researchers, and research organizations.
  4. Publication Component: We will create a unique knowledge repository/clearinghouse for researchers and stakeholders that is publicly accessible. Also, we will document our efforts throughout the project. Our goal is to write an article summarizing the process, as well as our procedures and findings.

Project Team

  • Missy Harvey, Lead
  • Linda Hartman
  • Roye Werner
  • Deborah Murphy