Past Research Projects-Quality of Life Technology Center - Carnegie Mellon University

Past Research Projects


Thrust or QoLT Systems
Active Home The primary goal of this project is to develop a robotic assistant for household tasks involving manipulation. AH
Balance & Tripping The aim in this project is to understand the postural strategies used in trips and the biomechanical factors that cause trips-precipitated falls. MoMAT
eWatch for Wheelchair Users
This project addresses the creation of a virtual coach for manual wheelchair users.  VC
Iterative Design
(formerly Engineer/Stakeholder Sessions)
This project influences engineering design by facilitating dialog between engineers and stakeholders.
The project is developing a sound understanding of stakeholders' views, attitudes and beliefs about QoLT technologies so that implementation and utilization of these cost-effective health assessment and monitoring tools will be fully realized.
This project aims to understand how people conceptualize and use everyday technologies as a foundation for informing new technologies.
This project generates prediction from sensor data and identifies intent for virtual coaches.
The goal of this project is to create computer software that is able to automatically detect when a user is having difficulty using a computer and automatically deploy software to assist them.
Predicting Learning Curves
This project serves as a foundation for developing a framework of how people view their own ability to learn to use new QoLT products as they grow in experience.  Our focus is on factors that influence the adoption and usage of new products.
This project concluded in May 2008.
Techniques and languages appropriate for clinicians and care givers to instruct the coaches on the desired behaviors and activities for the person to be coached.
QoLT Mine captures, documents, combines and analyzes the relevant research and published literature on all aspects of the QoLT initiative.