Prescription-Quality of Life Technology Center - Carnegie Mellon University


The goal of this project is to develop techniques and languages appropriate for clinicians and care givers to instruct the virtual coaches on the desired behaviors and activities for the person being coached.  For instance, a coach for a power wheelchair user will combine data from user interactions with clinician recommendations, and coach the user on proper wheelchair use for their unique and current situation.

The complexity of technology is increasing at such a rate that users engage only a fraction of the available functionality. For example, with each release, vendors of widely used software packages add new features to a bewildering array of existing features and manufacturers of digital entertainment systems provide increasingly large numbers of variable settings with obscure means of adjusting them. The result is that a large number of options and personal accommodations may not be most effectively used, if employed at all.

An interdisciplinary group including scientists and clinicians who prescribe power wheel chairs for subjects with spinal cord injuries has been meeting to create a prescription format that is easy to use but expressive enough to cover a range of subjects and conditions.


Project Team

  • Dan Siewiorek, Lead
  • Rosie Cooper
  • Brian French
  • Ravi Lal
  • Asim Smailagic

Sample dashboard for clinician shows non-compliance alerts

Prescription Dashboard 

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