Learning Curves-Quality of Life Technology Center - Carnegie Mellon University

Predicting Learning Curves

This project serves as a foundation for developing a framework of how people view their own ability to learn to use new QoLT products as they grow in experience.  Our focus is on the factors that influence the adoption and usage of new products.  More specifically, we focus on how people view the ease of a product's use as the user develops skill.  Our goal is to identify biases that consumer's have in perceptions of their own abilities to use beneficial and reliable QoLT products.  Once we have identified the barriers and biases that inhibit adoption, our goal is to identify managerial interventions, steps or programs that can help consumers adopt beneficial QoLT products. 

An important aspect of the QoLT strategic plan is develop a knowledge base surrounding the determinants of QoLT innovation adoption.  As the ERC develops ground breaking innovations, it is important to understand the barriers that will be faced before customer adoption and usage and how to address those barriers.  This project focuses on one important factor that influences the adoption and usage of technology.  The project supports the strategic plan by developing an important part of the knowledge base about product adoption that the ERC seeks in bringing products to market. 

Project Team

  • Darron Billeter, Project Lead
  • George Loewenstein
  • Ajay Kalra