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QoLT Testbed Systems

QoLT Systems research infuses products from the thrusts into integrated systems and creates entire new techniques and knowledge through the complex task of integration into people’s lives. The QoLT Testbed Systems develop a series of integrated prototypes in each system with progressively greater capability over the life span of the ERC.  They evaluate prototypes in proving grounds that demonstrate potential capabilities for end users, and feedback findings into the thrust research.  The QoLT Testbed Systems dictate what kind of science and technological advances the QoLT Center needs to target in the thrusts and in turn, how and when those advancements will be integrated into engineered systems. 

  1. QoLTbots Next-generation robotic devices for human assistance and extension.
    Project Lead: Rory Cooper
  2. Virtual CoachesCognitive and reasoning assistance wherever a person goes and whatever he or she does.
    Project Lead: Dan Siewiorek
  3. Safe DrivingWays to make driving safer for older adults and people with disabilities.
    Project Lead: Aaron Steinfeld
  4. Home and Community Health & Wellness Perceptive environments that support a person's physical, mental and emotional state.
    Project Lead: Dan Ding

Research Overview

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