Home and Community Health and Wellness-Quality of Life Technology Center - Carnegie Mellon University

QoLT Systems: Home and Community Health & Wellness (HCHW)

Project Lead:  Dan Ding, University of Pittsburgh

The goals of the Home and Community Health & Wellness (HCHW) testbed systems are to create and evaluate home and community-based solutions for assessing everyday functional status, providing appropriate feedback, and assisting rehabilitation in the natural environment for people with reduced capabilities due to disability or aging.  HCHW systems will enable more older adults and people with disabilities to live independently. 

In contrast to most smart home applications, we focus on how technology can enhance existing built environments and objects/appliances in them to facilitate natural interaction and support independent living. 

HCHW Projects

  •  Health Kiosk
  •  Embedded Assessment of  Wellness
  •  Self-Tuning Spaces