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QoLT Foundry

QoLT Foundry was established in March 2008 to assess the potential of and accelerate commercialization for research projects.  Although QoLT's primary charter is to create disruptive technologies for the benefit of our stated constituency, the potential markets are not limited to this scope.  In fact, the goal is to commercialize technologies that have significantly broader applications with intelligent systems that greatly improve the quality of life for all people.

The Foundry is led by an Executive-in-Residence, an experienced entrepreneur, who enjoys helping to drive the adoption of these disruptive technologies.  A comprehensive due diligence process has been implemented to identify and qualify technologies that can be rapidly developed into marketable products, and to apply that process to establish local companies for commercialization of inventions from QoLT research.

This process includes the discovery and vetting of projects, ensuring implementation of intellectual property protection strategy, defining business models, advising on strategic positioning, building experienced management teams, creating alliances, and identifying market and funding opportunities.


  • Accelerate commercialization of QoLT Research
  • Identify and quantify technology that can be readily developed into products to support the needs of the QoLT constituency
  • Establish strongly fortified local companies that successfully commercialize and market the products
  • Provide ongoing assistance to these companies to help ensure success

Foundry Process

QoLT Foundry Process 


BeaconSys, Inc.: Adaptive Technology for the Blind and Visually Impaired [pdf]
Biosecurity [pdf]
InfoQoLT [pdf]
MAPPrentis: Innovative Navigation Solution [pdf]
MemExerciser [pdf]
RAAS Architectural Software System [pdf]
Sleep Media and Seizure Media [pdf]
U-CHS: Ubquitous Computing & Health Monitoring for Wheelchair Users [pdf]

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