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2010 Highlights

Aneesh Chopra, US Chief Technology Office, Visits QoLT during CES 2010

CES 2010 QoLT Booth PhotoQoLT took part in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, held January 7-10, 2010.  A highlight of this years show for QoLT was the visit by Aneesh Chopra, Advisor to the President and Chief Technology Office of the United States.  In his Blog he wrote about the Center’s and QoLT Foundry’s role in innovation:

“One of the more exciting stops on the show floor was my visit with Carnegie Mellon’s affiliated 'Quality of Life Technology Center,' a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center. Students, staff, and faculty demonstrated early prototypes of some incredible inventions that were available for companies to license and commercialize… served as a reminder that a great deal of our nation’s innovation capacity begins with basic research & development that we fund across our world-class universities and federal labs, continues through the hard work of entrepreneurs toiling away to design the 'next big thing,' and finally leads to breakthrough innovations to address our nation’s most pressing challenge…”

Another of this years highlights was the Keynote Address by QoLT’s Executive Director, Jim “Oz” Osborn, for the Silver Summit Conference January 9.  His address, “Technologies Transforming Lives”, was attended by a standing room only audience.

The Quality of Life Technology Center’s Foundry staged its second exhibit at the Senior Summit section of the CES in January 2010 with 3 goals in mind; 1) increase global awareness and exposure of QOLT, 2) seek strategic partners and funding for the Foundry opportunities, and 3) to attract additional members to the QoLT IPAB.  Among the technologies demonstrated during the show were, First Person Vision, VibeAttire, NavPrescience, Lean and Zoom, and Self Tuning Walls.

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2009 Highlights

DriveCap Data Logger

DriveCap Data Logger graphicAs a tool for Safe Driving research, we developed a low-cost integrated sensor package that monitors and records salient parameters in personal vehicles. It can be installed very quickly, requiring two plug-in connections, some non-destructive cable running, and some calibration. The package includes OBDII (vehicle speed, RPM, battery voltage); inertial measurement unit (3 axes acceleration and angular rate); SafeTrac (lane position, driver alertness index, low-resolution image every15 sec); GPS; Bosch Radar (following distance, closing velocity); PC104 stack(700Mhz Pentium 3, 512 MB RAM, 40GB HD, CAN interface, serial port card, USB ports); battery and power management circuitry.  Visit Safe Driving. (2008)

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Caster Data Logger

The Caster Data Logger (CDL) is a device that can be attached to an electric powered wheelchair (EPW) to collect speed, distance, time of use, and number of stops and starts over long periods of time without any maintenance. When combined with questionnaires and other self report data, it can give an estimation of a person’s community participation. Engineers and clinicians worked together to develop a design that was functional, reliable, and safe, but also easy to install in a clinical setting. Over 100 of these devices have been fabricated and used in various studies, including Activity of Veterans and EPW Soccer at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games; EPW use in nursing homes; and at 6 different centers around the country participating in the Spinal Cord Injury Model Systems program. (2008)Caster Data Logger graphic

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