2014 - 2015-Parking & Transportation Services - Carnegie Mellon University

2015-16 Parking Rates

The permit year runs from September to August.


2015-16 Monthly Rate

Disabled - Bramer House TBA
Disabled - Dithridge Garage TBA
Disabled - East Campus Garage TBA
Disabled - Fine Arts TBA
Disabled - Frew St TBA
Disabled - Gates Garage TBA
Disabled - GATF Garage TBA
Disabled - Hamburg TBA
Disabled - Morewood TBA
Disabled - Porter/Wean TBA
Disabled - Warner Hall TBA
Disabled - West Campus TBA
Disabled - Whitfield Hall TBA
6555 Penn Avenue TBA
4700 Fifth Avenue TBA
Alumni House TBA
Bramer House TBA
CIC (gated) TBA
CIC (ungated) TBA
Clyde Street TBA
Dithridge Garage TBA
Dithridge Garage - 3-DAY TBA
Doherty Apts TBA
East Campus Garage TBA
East Campus Garage 3-DAY TBA
East Campus Garage (Second Shift permit) TBA
Fifth & Craig Garage TBA
Fine Arts TBA
Fine Arts Evening (Per Semester) TBA
Fraternities TBA
Gates Garage (SCS Complex) TBA
Gates (Second Shift permit) TBA
Hamburg Hall TBA
Henry St TBA
Margaret Morrison TBA
Morewood Self Park TBA
Morewood-preferred perimeter TBA
Second Ave (PTC) TBA
Sororities TBA
Vision Services (300 S. Craig) TBA
Warner Hall TBA
Whitfield Hall TBA
Zebina Way TBA
U-pass TBA
Mini U-pass TBA
Motorcycle (Annual) TBA