Frequently Asked Questions - Parking & Transportation Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Frequently Asked Questions

When do new permits begin?
Information about enrollment can be found on the Permit Application page.

What happens if I decide to cancel my parking in the middle of the year?  Do I receive a refund (if paid all at once) or will I be charged for the entire year?
You can decide at anytime to cancel your parking permit.  To cancel, please visit the University  Center parking office, or send an email to  You will be removed from both the parking and payroll databases once we are in receipt of your gate card and hang tag.  If you’ve paid for your permit for the entire year, your permit use will be prorated and you will be refunded for the difference.  All cancelled permits must be accommodated with proof of purchase in order to have your refund processed.  Refunds are prorated at one-half a month for permits returned before the 15th of the month (no exceptions), permits are charged the full month for anything prior to the 15th.  If you permit is returned on the 1st day of the month, you will not be charged. 

What happens if I forget my hang tag?
If you forget your hang tag or change your vehicle (if registered) please visit our office to purchase a temporary hangtag for a fee of $3.00.

I have a handicap state issued placard, how do I get a handicap parking space on campus?
Individuals wanting to obtain a handicap parking space should of the Equal Opportunity Services, Disability Resource Office for assistance. The proper paperwork will be completed and turned into P&TS. Once you are granted a handicap space, you should display both the state issued placard, as well as the CMU issued handicap hang tag. All of our lots are equipped with handicap spaces, but if there is an instance that you have a temporary disability and the handicap spaces are not available, the shuttle service is available to transport you to/from your parking lot to your office.

What if I want to change my parking location?
If you would like to change from one lot to another, you would need to visit the P&TS office to do so. Lot changes are based on parking availability only. At the time of your change, your payroll deduction amount will be adjusted to reflect the increase/decrease in permit price.