Carnegie Mellon University

MSCF Programming Prep

Professor: Darren Dauberger

Department: Heinz

Course Number: NA


This course is intended to make sure that incoming MSCF students have a solid understanding of the basics of C++, up to the level of using some important C++ Standard Library classes.  Students will learn how to: 

  1. Write, compile, and execute C++ programs using Visual Studio (on MS Windows) or X Code (on Mac)
  2. Declare and use fundamental type variables: char, int, double, unsigned
  3. Perform arithmetic computations and equality/relational/logical comparisons
  4. Write loops (while and for) and decisions (if/else and case)
  5. Define and call functions, with parameters and/or return values
  6. Declare and use arrays, and pass arrays as arguments to functions
  7. Produce formatted output to the user’s screen and to text files
  8. Use the string, vector, map, and other C++ Standard Library classes

Prerequisites: None