M.S. in Computational Biology Curriculum-M.S. in Computational Biology - Carnegie Mellon University

M.S. in Computational Biology Curriculum

Curriculum at a Glance

  • Foundation Courses (38 units)
    Programming for Scientists*
    Algorithms and Advanced Data Structures*
    Applied Cell and Molecular Biology*
    Professional Issues in Computational Biology
    * one or more of these courses may be waived if student can prove proficiency
  • Background Courses (21-36 units)
    Math and Statistics
  • Breadth and Depth Courses (at least 60 units)
    Breadth: Genomics, Biological Modeling, Automation of Biology
    Depth: 24 units of relevant courses

Graduation Requirements

  • You must have a B average (GPA = 3.00) over all courses counted for graduation
  • This includes the Foundation, Area Background, Breadth and Depth courses
  • These courses must total at least 101 units
  • 02-602 (Professional Issues in Computational Biology) can count toward the 101 units, but not be factored in for GPA calculation
  • Courses counted for undergraduate degree certification cannot count for M.S. degree