Ph.D. Student Jean Lu Wins Best Poster at IMR-Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ph.D. Student Jean Lu Wins Best Poster at IMR

Ph.D. student HsiangChun (Jean) Lu, and international student from Taiwan advised by  Professor Kenji Shimada, received the Best Poster Award in the student category at this year's International Meshing Roundtable Conference.  The roundtable is organized by Sandia National Laboratories to bring together researchers and developers from academia, national laboratories and industry to share technical information related to mesh generation and general pre-processing techniques. 

Jean's poster, titled "Pen-Based User Interface for Geometric Decomposition for Hexahedral Mesh Generation" was judged based on the technical issue being addressed, creativity of the proposed solution to the issue, the impact of the solution on the technical community, and the quality of the technical presentation. 

Congratulations, Jean!