Science Connection vol 2 no 1 November 2009-Mellon College of Science - Carnegie Mellon University

Science Connection, vol 2 no 1, November 2009

photo of math alum

Absolute Value

From the chalkboard to the boardroom, mathematicians are in demand

Fluorescence confocal microscope imageCellular Closeup

Imaging technologies to study living cells in real time

Faculty profile

photo of Catalina Achim in her lab

A Chemist's Journey

Catalina Achim makes her way from Communist Romania to Carnegie Mellon

Alumni in Action

photo of Dietrich Stephan

Navigating your Genes to Health

Alumnus Dietrich Stephan makes it personal

Education Initiatives

photo of students in lab

Phage Hunters

First-year students use sophisticated research tools to unearth a virus's secrets