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Apply to Schools

Applying to a health professions program is an extensive process that will require careful planning on your part. We're here to help guide you through that process.

Each health profession has a different pattern and timeline associated with its application process. Knowing what the pattern is well in advance helps to ensure that you will be able to matriculate to a professional school immediately after graduation or to plan the appropriate amount of time off between finishing your undergraduate degree and beginning your studies at a health professions school.

As soon as you have identified an interest in a health profession, you should be in touch with the HPP. Make an appointment with Dr. D'Antonio and together you will develop a customized plan to work toward achieving your goals.

The slides from the most recent application information sessions are available here in PDF format:

Part 1

Topics: Evaluating the strength of your application, MCAT, Letters of recommendation, CMU committee process, Personal Statements.

Information Session #1

Part 2

Topics: CMU committee process, Personal Statements, School Selection, Application services, Interviews.

Information Session #2