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Application Timing Q & A

What is the “right time” to apply?

Answer: June of the appropriate year.

What is the appropriate year?

Answer: When you are ready.

When will I be ready?

Answer: When you will be a competitive applicant, you are certain that a particular health profession is what you want to do, and a demanding educational program fits into your life.

But I thought that it was more prestigious to go right to medical school without a gap after finishing college?

Answer: The average age of people entering medical school is 23.6.  Some medical school admissions deans prefer post-college life experience. 

Wouldn’t it also be prestigious to spend some time as a Rhodes, Churchill or Fulbright Scholar before going to medical school?  How do you think medical schools view the applications of people who have done such programs?  Do you think they would also value a year of research at the NIH or a year of service in the Americorps Health Corps? 

Answer:  I bet they would!

  • You should apply in June of the year BEFORE you wish to matriculate (e.g. June 2015 for fall 2016).  You should plan to be available for interviews from August to April (don’t be abroad). 
  • It is nice to take the MCAT well before you apply so that you might have a better idea of where you will be competitive.  For example: MCAT in August of 2014, backup MCAT January or March of 2015, then apply June of 2015 for matriculation in fall of 2016.

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